Why is ComeOn casino becoming so popular?

It is an online casino that has slowly but surely crept up the ranks in terms of popularity. ComeOn is becoming many a player’s favourite, but this isn’t happening by chance alone. I was fortunate enough to sit down and play a few games on ComeOn casino and I can tell you that they deserve the plaudits that they’ve been receiving.

Let’s start by looking at the games, of which there is many of note. ComeOn online casino is one of the many casinos that are powered by NetEnt software, thus it brings players countless top slots titles. However, NetEnt developed games aren’t where things begin and end, as you’ll find that many other developers are contributing too. In total they offer over 100 games, which include many classic and video slot games. The large majority of games are well animated and with the variety available players won’t get bored quickly. While I was playing two games jumped out to me in particular. Cluedo inspired Mystery at the Mansion slots really entertained me with mystery elements that kept me guessing. Those looking for a more simplistic experience, will get a lot out of Summer Dream, as its silky graphics, smooth sounds, and island influences make for a really fun game. If you take anything away from my experience of ComeOn casino, it is that their games come loaded with creativity.

I feel that I’m like any other player these days, so I can be pretty demanding when it comes to my online casino experience. Through what I found to be a superb customer service operation my needs were met when it came to questions. The support offered my not run 24/7 like other mobile online casinos, but I found that they acted quickly when I had an issue. Phone, live chat, and email are the options offered and I would advise any player to get in contact if they have any problems, largely as I found their staff to be very knowledgeable.

What I also found comforting was how ComeOn casino promoted responsible gambling amongst players. There were no big adverts telling me to do so, but they implemented control measures that made sure I knew what I was gambling. I was able to implement daily deposit limits from the cashier’s window, while the temporary break feature was something I found to be quite unique. So many casinos neglect the welfare of their players; ComeOn casino isn’t one of them.

There is no doubt that in recent times online casino security has come in for a lot of controversy. Hacking and DDoS attacks have come along in waves, with players demanding that casinos raise their game when it comes to security. I found that ComeOn utilises Thawte, a well-established encryption company. This means that all ingoing and outgoing connections to ComeOn are secured. Even though security is the last thing some players think about, it is good to know that ComeOn is doing all they can to protect their client base.

ComeOn casino is one of those online casinos that grows on you. I always wondered why it had such a loyal and steadfast following, but now it has become very clear. After grabbing a free spins bonus from Sverigescasinon.net and spending time playing through ComeOn I found that they provided a positive gaming environment. If you are someone who is looking for a fresh online casino experience, I recommend you give ComeOn casino a look and find out for yourself why it has become so popular.

Which is better out of 3-reel slots or 5-reel slots?

If you were to describe slot games in three words, odds are they would be animated, cheerful, and fun. Ever since their inception slot games have represented an entertainment based gambling experience more than they have anything else. New players are drawn to them, while experienced players can’t seem to give up the feeling of going for big jackpot wins. Much adored and in some instances critically acclaimed, slots are the call of the day for many who choose to gamble online. But for all the positivity surround the world of online slots, one question remains unanswered, which is better out of three 3-slots or 5- reel slots?

Before jumping straight into the online slots action, make sure you are armed for victory. Secure yourself an online casino bonus through a reputable casino online portal (CasinoSwe.se is a good bet) before you think about spinning the reels for the first time. Having an online casino bonus in your possession allows you to not only “try before you buy”, but can also extend it tenfold. Think about that before you start playing, now let’s get into the similarities between the two slot game types. Both use an image based reel setup much like real-life slot machines, with the idea being to match up the characters on the reel to win prizes. The concept is the same for both games, while both games regularly feature multiple payline options. Always remember though, the more paylines you add the more it will cost you to wager. In general, this is where the similarities between the two slots formats end.

The differences between the two games largely start with design. 3-reel slots are considered classic in many aspects. What you will find when you play them is that the features are limited, as there are few bonus rounds outside of rare token exceptions. The on screen graphics are also often far less polished. The games carry the simple “spin to win” feel, with smaller jackpots and less payline variations. What stands classic 3-reel slots in good stead is their longevity, and through ease of use they have continuously been able to find new audiences. The number of games being produced annually for the 3-reel slots market is dwindling, but there is no denying that several 3-reel slot games will feature regularly on an online casino’s most played list.

5-reel slots are considered to be the modern variation of its 3-reel cousin. These machines increase the entertainment through improved graphics and two additional reels. The increased number of reels means that there are a greater number of winning combinations available through increased paylines. This means that they suit casual and hardcore slot games players a like. The downside of 5-spin slot games is that there is a noticeable gap between smaller and larger payouts, which may frustrate some.

When deciding what type of slot games to play, there are many questions that you need to ask yourself. Taking a wide stance it is evident that 3-reel slot games have their roots firmly planted in the old school. The basic gameplay and setup really works to provide a nostalgic feel, which will suit slots traditionalists down to the ground. 5-reel slots bring the action through a cutting edge gaming platform, increased entertainment, and increased ways to win, thus making 5-reel slots the better all rounder of the two.